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Fun Facts about Concrete Roofing Tile

Concrete roofing tile is made from a mixture of sand, water and cement. The precise materials that are used in the manufacture of concrete tile vary from one manufacturer to another.

It was invented in the middle of 19th century in Bavaria. In early 1900s in Europe, color was added to the mixture of sand, water and cement to make the roof tile more appealing.

Roofing tile always does look the same in terms of shapes and size even if they are made from different manufacturers. There exist several different manufacturers.

Concrete tiles last longer than other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles. They are made to last long.

The tiles are available in not only different colors but also different styles such as historic, Spanish, colonial, contemporary among many other styles.

The appearance of these tiles can be grouped into three main categories -- flat profile which is flat and has no curves when you view it from its butt. Low profile is a small curve. And high profile which has larger curves when viewed from its butt.

It is available in wide varieties of colors and textures. The concrete tiles do maintain their color for a long duration of time. It can take more than 50 years for a tile to fade its color.

The concrete tile is safe to use since they do offer a long lasting protection from elements such as high winds.

Concrete tiles are either smooth or rough.

Concrete roofing tile can be of different weight. The concrete tile can be categorized as either lightweight or standard weight. Lightweight tile are weak while standard weight concrete tiles are more stable. Lightweight tile are however more expensive than standard weight concrete tile.

Standard weight tile are more durable and thus snow loads cannot break them.

Concrete roofing tile last more than the house lifetime. They can sustain high winds.

When installed according to building code standards, Concrete tiles do exceed seismic load requirement.

Tiles are economical since you only buy them once and they can stay for a long time approximately 40-50 years.

The tiles do not need constant maintenance such as cleaning and painting.

Installation of these tiles should be done in accordance to building code standards. Poor installation of concrete tile by unqualified personnel is not safe since the tiles are more prone to moisture penetration and can be expensive in the end.

The tile can be installed in different places around the world with any kind of local weather or temperatures.

Concrete tile is a bit more expensive than asphalt shingles but they are the most durable.

Tiles are environmentally friendly since they are manufactured from natural occurring raw materials. Thus, there is no depletion of natural resources.

Tile does lower energy costs. Thus is achieved by alleviating heat transfer under the tile via air circulation.

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